Ron is a songwriter affiliated with ASCAP.

You'll find his novelty songs streaming at Spotify and Pandora, available at iTunes and for sale as well. You can hear samples at:

Ron's new album (released October 2016) is HA HA HALLOWEEN and features ten tracks. The songs were produced, written and performed by Ron, and feature some of his vocal impressions (including Alfred Hitchcock, Leonard Cohen and Bob Dylan.)

Ronald L. Smith performs his versions of

"Gertrude's Dream Waltz" (Beethoven) and "Donald the Dinosaur (Not Beethoven)." 

He conducts his own arrangement of "Muskrat Ramble, You Can't See the Sun When You're Crying, and That's a Plenty," featuring the Heine Smeck Orchestra, including the Heine Winds and the Smeck Precussion. 

Ron sings the Allie Wrubel rhumba classic, "I Do Do Do Like You," (which was recorded by Johnny Mercer in the 1940's).

He impersonates Dr. Watson in "Sheerluck Sherlock Holmes," music and lyrics by Mr. Smith.

Also: Ron on the radio discussing "The First Family" record album. This was recorded at the same West Side studio where Alec Baldwin conducted his radio talk show.

  • Gertrude's Dream Nightmare1:06
  • I Do DO Do Like YOu 1:47
  • Donald the Dinosaur1:00
  • Smiling Muskrat Ramble Medley 2:27
  • Studio 360 - 1547 - Making Fun of the Kennedys8:31
  • Sheerluck Sherlock Holmes 2:16

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