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Ron became one of the youngest ROCK MAG editors: He photographed and interviewed Billy Joel, Kiss, Hall & Oates and many more. He later became Music Editor at OUI magazine.

Ron edited RAVE (and as in these cases, photographed the cover stars). "What the Wall Street Journal is to business, Rave is to comedy."

George Carlin

Lily Tomlin, Steve Martin and Bob Newhart read the scripts Ron wrote for "COMEDY COLLEGE," the radio show produced by Garrison Keillor.

Ronald L. Smith is the author of  19 books. He's edited several national magazines, and his fiction, non-fiction, poetry and photographs have been published around the world. He is an ASCAP songwriter. 

Ron's first book, made him America's "Meat and Vegetable Poet" on TV talk shows, (after voicing and writing the Oxford Pickle Joke radio campaign)